Lee Prioriello

" Our communities need more people like Liberato Prioriello whose vision leads them to leadership roles in removing barriers so that people with disabilities have the opportunity to participate and compete in a sport structure on the same basis as other sports."


The game of "bocce" is a sport that Liberato has always held near to his heart. Starting as a young man, Liberato played this sport in the open fields for pleasure and later began to play competitively across Canada where he became a Canadian champion. With his passion for bocce and the recognition that it was a sport that all could enjoy, Liberato and a few of his business associates founded Youth Bocce of Canada in 1994. With the help of many supporters Liberato took on the mission to organize and involve developmentally challenged individuals to participate in this game.

As President and publisher of Youth Bocce Canada Magazine, published every year, Liberato’s job is never done. But that doesn’t stop him. Liberato organized the largest tournament of its kind in 1999 and since has created the annual Youth Bocce Canadian Championships for the Special Needs tournaments for now over 350 developmentally challenged participants. Along side preparing for these tournaments and hosting annual Youth Bocce Christmas Luncheons which host hundreds of participants with special needs, Liberato has also found the time to plan two pilgrimages that have demonstrated his devotion for this group of mentally challenged athletes.



Jim V. DeGasperis
Honourary President, 2000-2015

The Youth Bocce organization's mission and vision to promote and expand the development of this sport to all high schools in Southern Ontario is an admirable one and very attainable. The participation of various school boards, such as York Catholic District School Board is an indication of commitment to serve and provide equality to all students.

I would like to sincerely thank all sponsors and advertisers who have participated in yet another year's edition of the Youth Bocce magazine. It is certainly commendable to share in the same vision and support for such a worthy cause.



Christopher Liberta
Honourary President

Tradition. It may be good or bad but one thing is certain - it exists everywhere in life, in all societies and cultures. And it is good traditions that underpin Youth Bocce Canada.

There is the obvious tradition of Bocce, a sport that has roots in the ancient games of the Roman Empire. It is a game that, today, continues to entertain people around the world.

But, most importantly, in Youth Bocce Canada there is the tradition of giving. Since its founding in 1994, this organization has used the sport of Bocce as an instrument through which those who have more can help those who don't have as much or who can't help themselves.

My wife, Carla, and I have been associated with Youth Bocce Canada for several years and we have seen, first-hand, the good work done to provide assistance and opportunities to so many who are challenged in ways that we are not. But the work is never done and, while we express our appreciation to our partners, sponsors, and volunteers, we must strive to do more.

As Honourary President of Youth Bocce Canada, I encourage you to join us in carrying on the traditions of the organization. Together, we can bring happiness to so many.



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